Consider yourself lucky to have found one of the friendliest and most affordable pest control service around. You have found Super Pest Control Co. of course and we specialize is getting rid of any and all unwanted visitors that somehow found their ways into your home or property. We are an exterminator company that specializes in fast and effective treatment for bed bugs, termites, mosquito, flea & cockroach control, rat & other rodent control, bee & bat removal, and much more. You can stop wasting money on those cheap and ineffective bug spray or insecticide and let us come out and show you what one of the most dependable pest control companies around can do!


We Know Pests

When you go to the store and try to eradicate the problem yourself by buying do it yourself pest control supplies or pesticides, you are more than likely going to make this whole process a lot more difficult for yourself. Insect & rodent repellent were designed to do just that, repel and not eliminate.

Sure, you can get ones that are out in the open and visible but what about the bugs or rodents that are hiding in the walls of your home or building? I don’t mean to scare you, but in order to eliminate every single one of whatever has gotten into your home you need to have some sort of education and experience on the different ways every species behaves and they are all different.

For example, bed bug treatment is something that we have seen our customers try many times over the years to only find themselves with another infestation just a few months later and starting the entire process over again. You don’t need to just know how to kill bed bugs, but you need to know exactly where to look for them and exactly where to apply proper treatment.

This goes for mouse traps, termidor, rat poison, and all other DIY pest control products. Without the proper experience in implementing these treatments, you may only be putting a band aid on the problem and you can almost always count on returning problems.

Honest and Upfront

We know how vulnerable it feels to have anything invading your home or property and we will not take advantage of that fact. We are happy to send out a building or home inspector of ours at no cost and give you a fair and honest evaluation on whatever service you might be needing.

If we discover that you simply found a bat bug and not an actual bed bug, we won’t trick you into a full treatment plan for bed bugs but rather educate you on the differences and tell you what to look out for. There have been a number of times we have gotten calls from frantic customers willing to throw any amount of money at us to get rid of a problem when it really isn’t as urgent as it seems. Sometimes a little preventive pest control implementation is all that is needed.

We have become successful as a business because of this integrity and we only hire the most genuine and honest of employees to work for the company name.